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We Simplify the Probate Process for Your Peace of Mind

Proving the originality and validity of a Will can be stressful and time consuming especially when dealing with administration of a loved ones passing. Kearns & Co will guide on what to expect and what to do in your court application. We take care of the details so you can take the time to focus on yourself and your family.

Enjoy a Worry-Free Purchase & Mortgage

Once you’ve chosen a home to buy and gotten your financing approved, you need someone to take care of the nitty gritty so that you can legally transfer the new home to yourself while meeting the lender’s requirements.

Kearns & Co. prepares the documentation you need to make sure your interests are protected and that the contract terms are enforced.

Have a Smooth Sale

So, you’ve found a buyer for your home- congratulations! Now you need legal representation to complete the sale. Our legal team works with you to ensure that the terms of the contract are enforced. We also deal with any existing lenders to make sure your mortgage is paid off and removed from the title.

Do you have further questions about the legal process of buying and selling, or need help with your sale, purchase, or mortgage?

buy or sell you business with no surprises

Things to Consider With probate

Simplify Your Refinancing

Looking into getting financing for a property? Our legal team has prepared mortgages for nearly every institutional lender in Canada. We make it as simple as possible for you to meet requirements of a loan so that you can get the money you need quickly. Even though the bank is our client in this type of transaction, we still treat you as a valued client too.

Choose Kearns & Co to complete the necessary legal work on behalf of your financial institution or mortgage broker.

Save Money on Family Transfers

The need to transfer property from one family member to another or to remove someone from a title may arise. If it does, there are legal ways to save thousands of tax dollars if you know how. Let Kearns & Co. get creative to figure out the most beneficial way to carry out your family transfers.

Protect Yourself With Title Insurance

We advise all clients to have title insurance, because it can protect you from things like title fraud, pre-existing non-permitted work, or zoning violations. Due to the volume of policies we purchase, Kearns & Co. clients benefit from a discounted rate for title insurance, or a free home owner’s policy.

Cover All Your Bases With Real Estate Contract Preparation and Review

If you’re selling your home independently, our legal team can prepare or review the Contract of Purchase and Sale to make sure that you are not vulnerable to any legal issues so that your sale goes smoothly.

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