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Gain Peace of Mind by Putting Your Affairs in Order

Thinking about what will happen to your family and assets when you’re gone can be uncomfortable or upsetting. Creating a Will can take that uncertainty and anxiety away because it:

importance of a will

A Will is a legal document that lays out the rights of others over your property after your death. Kearns & Co. takes the guesswork out of creating a Will so that you can rest easy knowing that your wishes will be carried out.

Already have a Will?

Here are 6 reasons why you should update it:

Single / Couples Wills

Everyone should have a Will prepared with the help of a lawyer. If you prepare your own Will, it is easy to make mistakes or use unclear language that could be interpreted differently by different people after your death.

Any ambiguity in language could lead to disputes and legal costs which reduce the amount of money left to be distributed to your heirs. Not to mention, the conflict that may be created among your loved ones if your wishes are not expressed clearly. Kearns & Co. can help you craft a bullet-proof Will that ensures a smooth settlement of your affairs.

Things to Consider When Creating a Will

Who is your executor?

The executor of your Will is the person you choose to carry out your wishes after your death. This includes distributing your assets to your heirs, paying outstanding debts, and more.

If you have children, who will be their guardian?

This is a difficult thing to think about, but a crucial part of a Will if you have children- and you are best suited to make this decision rather than a court.

Who are the beneficiaries?

This is the person or people who you name to receive assets from your estate after your death. It’s important to clearly allocate property and finances in your Will to prevent any disputes from happening.

Once you’ve thought about these basic questions, get in touch with us and we can fill out a questionnaire for you to get started on your Will and the peace of mind that comes with it.

set your affairs in order for peace of mind

What can kearns & co can help you with

Representation Agreement

If the event that you are ill or otherwise incapacitated, a Representation Agreement is the only way to authorize someone to help you or act on your behalf for:

Kearns & Co. can help you create a Representation Agreement so that you are ready for anything.


Probate is the legal process of resolving all claims and distributing property as laid out in a Will. This service is performed by a lawyer to confirm the authenticity and validity of a deceased person’s Will. Probate protects the instructions laid out in a Will, including confirming the executor named in the Will and protecting this person against claims and lawsuits.

Power of Attorney

This legal instrument allows you to delegate legal authority to a person of your choice. This gives your appointed person, or Attorney, the legal authority to make property, financial, and other legal decisions for you, the Donor. It’s crucial to prepare this document before you actually need it, because a person under duress cannot give Power of Attorney.

How much authority, or power, you give to your Attorney is up to you, depending on what your needs are. It is most often used to help in the event of illness, disability, or legal transactions where the Donor cannot be present to sign documents.

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